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A very wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Select from hotel with onsuite double bedroom, as much as you can eat breakfast.

Select self catering with a choice of excellent Barn conversions - 5 star accommodation.

With hotels you are chaffered around and with self catering you have your own Senior member Barn leader with their own self drive minibus and come and go as you please.

All accomodation choices give you unlimited access to all of the clubs fields available for detecting. Every season we add several brand new sites to our portfolio of land.

Remember this is NOT a 'sheepherding' type tour where you have no choice each day and are taken to just one 'magic' field. You pick exactly which fields of the 180 + there are to choose from and hunt as many hours as you like. There are no retrictions or set finishing times as it is up to the members. You can run around all of the fields in a week or pound just one, choice is yours.

Pound is still very low against the USA and Canadian dollars making these trips 20% cheaper than 5 years ago, grab them pounds

All Self Catering 'Barn' teams are run by a Senior club member, they include

Chicago Ron

Ill Tim

Louisiana Sal

Minnesota Mindy

Louisiana Ashley

Ga Buddy

Carolina Jimbo

Connecticut Todd

Check out the new Barn and hotel availabilty page for more info on what spaces are free