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Check out the new comparison page for types of accommodation

Full Board accommodation

Senior members only - new members use hotel or Barn options

Added another Barn V self catering option




Check out the new Barn and Full Board availabilty page for more info on what spaces are free

Any length of stay is possible subject to availability.

Full board accommodation includes:

This is now only for returning senior members only,

New members please choose hotel option

You are picked up and dropped off by taxi to all London airports 93 miles away ( regular Saturday taxi run only )

Trips to the shops, museum if required are free of charge.

All food, soft drinks, coffee, tea, soap, shampoo and towel are supplied.

Diggers are supplied

Hot tea and coffee served all day in the field

Breakfast : Full English, eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, toast, coffee and tea ( even porridge and wild honey for Alaskan's !!)

Lunch: Hot pasties, hot dogs, crisps, cake, chocolate bars, soft drinks or hot soup depending on the weather.

Evening meal: Huge freshly cooked traditional English food, Roast dinners with Yorkshire pud & stuffing, Cottage pie, "Toad in the hole" (not actually made from toads). Chicken casserole and dumplings, Fish and chips, etc.

Puddings (deserts) include Treacle sponge, Jam rolly polly , "Spotted Dick" and a favourite so far with Americans the famous Christmas Pud with Cornish ice cream (when in season !)

All soft drinks are supplied both diet, regular and Caffeine free. All coffees, teas are included.

Supper - Light snack if you can manage any more !!

Trips to Museums

No formal trips to museums are arranged but most guys want to visit the Colchester museum on the last half day of their trip. All transport to and from the museums etc is provided free of charge, you pay only for the entrance fee.

Equipment supplied : 120V inverters for battery charging, diggers


You get your own bedroom, no sharing. Full run of the house, relax in the the conservatory and discuss the days finds. If the weather is fine relax in the garden. (Like staying with a detecting friend not a guest house).


Your fee includes all export applications and paperwork, full word document sent to you with detailed find lists and photgraphs of all yours finds. We handle the reporting of all treasures you might find covered by the treasure act.



On this trip everything is taken care off and you are chauffeured around

Pick a free slot and drop me a mail to make sure it is available - deposit to secure your slot is £500

Contact e- mail




If full board slot is full you can use Barns, B&B or hotel options



Check out the new Barn and Full board availabilty page for more info on what spaces are free





Arrival/Departure times

Your holiday price includes the regular Saturday taxi runs to and from the airport . We pick up from both London Gatwick and Heathrow to make it easier for you to get flights. Book your flights early to ensure you get the flight you want. There are some clean cheap hotels at the airports if you would rather arrive a day early to be fresh for your hunt.

Check out Expedia.com from NA for Hotels at either London Gatwick or London Heathrow

Be prepared to pay your own taxi fares if you arrive at the wrong arrival or departure times for whatever reason.

Arrival times for either London Gatwick or Heathrow

These are the set pick and drop off times at London Gatwick and London Heathrow for full board houses.


Pick up by taxi at London Gatwick is 9am - your flight must arrive 8am or BEFORE to allow time to clear customs, baggage pick up. DO NOT BOOK AN 8.30 ARRIVAL

Pick up London Heathrow is 10am - your flight must arrive 8am or BEFORE to allow time to clear customs, baggage pick up. Heathrow is a lot slower than Gatwick through customs and baggage so allow 2 hours.

Return journey

Drop off at London Gatwick is 9am - your return flight must NOT be BEFORE 11 am to allow for minimum 2 hour check in times. DO NOT BOOK A RETURN FLIGHT THAT LEAVES AT eg 9.30

Drop off London Heathow is 10am -your return flight must NOT be BEFORE 12 pm to allow for minimum 2 hour check in times

The taxi's rides are Saturday only so there is no traffic. Taxi's will NOT wait if you book a 8.30 am flight arrival at Gatwick or Heathrow and miss the pick up time

Departure times

Return taxi's leave your accommodation at 7am on day of departure to allow plenty of time for the minimum 2 hour check in period at the airport.

Mail address enquiries@essexfarmholidays.co.uk

Mail address colchesterhunter@colchestertreasurehunting.co.uk


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